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The pursuit to disaster

Yet another day of joblessness. Sam and I were discussing STUFF( things regarding our farewell party). Time was almost 1 p.m and we wondering what to do the whole afternoon.
Damn the moment we saw the Bangalore Times(BT). Apocalypto and Pursuit of happiness were running in INOX. We rushed for the 1.10 show. Laud our over confidence of making it on time.
We reached the theatre at 1.30 for the 1.10 show. We wanted to watch the Pursuit of happiness but never knew it would be the pursuit to disaster.The tickets were sold out. So we decided to watch Apocalypto.
The lady at the counter,” where are your id cards?”
” oh shit! we forgot about that”
” please ma’m we re above eighteen”, we say with an expression of anger, pleading and disgust.
Had it been any other time we would’ve loved it if anyone said we looked younger!
ok madam you go to the security, ask him if he’ll let you in”
Fine. We rush to the entrance and explain our story to the security. He gave as a dirty look and said go ahead.
We made our way to our seats and the movie had already begun. We were greeted by a fantastic scene( * grin*)
15 minutes into the movie and Sam nudges me and says,” Jo shall we leave”?
I said wait dear, maybe it will get better later on.Heights of optimism I would say.
2 hours of treacherous and gruesome torture and we had our fill. Both of us were very sure we would have pangs of depression after the movie. To relieve the hangover we burst out laughing thinking about our rash decision. We were back in hostel and when the rest of them saw us laughing our guts out,their question was” was it a comedy”?. That was more than enough for us to get violent for sometime. and don t ask me what happened next!


this lady rox!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is about one dear lady, who has to bear with all our grumblings( or rather she grumbles at us), the one who can do a good job if she is appointed as the food and agricultural minister. She is great at calculations and predictions. She can get really troublesome at times and we just feel like strangling her neck.
This is our beloved chechi in hostel(we call her chechi though she s old enough to be our mother). Everyday she grumbles at atleast one of us as if its part of her daily duty.Acute food shortage,fall in edible food consumption, giffen s paradox all this come into action when this lady rules her kingdom. She knows very well what you eat, whether you are a veggie or a non-veggie, she even sympathizes and gives you extra helpings if she feels you aren’t upto her standards of maintaining a good health.How I wish I could return to those good old days, when this lady used to give me a look as if I ve landed straight from Somalia. But then her sympathy epitomized and today she gives me those weird looks when i ask her”chechi, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee some more chechi“.
Chechi has a thing for butter cubes,dosas,papads and most of all watermelons. Her expertise in cutting the pieces would have been more than enough to fetch her a job as a chef in some five star hotel. One day she made a big fuss over a watermelon, that finally few of us were forced to steal it. The next day she comes barging to one of our tables and says,”I know, you stole the watermelon” ,to the skinniest of among us all who couldn’t lift a chair properly, talk of watermelons.!.
Did I forget to mention her fishing tactics in chicken curry? Its something hard to explain, but when you get too see it you would wonder is she serving chicken curry or is she fishing in the big vessel.
Her misers attitude can reach heights at times.
Few days ago the sambhar seemed to lack some essential ingredient and it took some time for me to realize that it was actually salt.
I walk up to the counter,” chechi, salt”
“no”,she replies
chechi I m not asking for anything else just a pinch of salt” I beg
ok ok” why do you always hav extra salt.
Chechi , I have low BP problem, so I need to take extra salt Chechi
She throws a look which wants to say I-know-all-your- excuses.
At times she refuses to give us spoons, forks and knives as if we will eat them all up.
There was a day when my self-control gave way to my self- control and I cursed, “this chechi will die of starvation one day“( I pray nothing like that ever happens)
Be late for your meals and she ll blast you royally. But when I think of the times when she serves food ,when I m late though she shows frowning faces, I have to thank her. Hadn t she taken her restrictive measures I would have had to chill out bucks from my pocket money or starve when I m broke( poverty is a universal phenomenon).
End of the day when she gets emotional and says to every batch that passes out”I ve been very rude to you but I m really sorry
The vacations end and we re back to square one!
Above ll my mom would thank her the most because now I never fuss over food.
(PS:- I need to rush now coz its my breakfast time and I don t wanna listen to the latest additions to her vocabulary)

the confused state

For the past few days life has just been a turmoil for me. I m in a totally, lost and confused state.
I felt as if I m undergoing a phase of depression!!!!!( depression and me????? just can t believe it)
I was trying to find out what s troubling me so much? why do i get irritated at the smallest of things?I couldn’t t make sense out of anything I saw or heard. Life just seems to flow in an aimless direction( moving along the tide as one would say)
But I really didn’t realize the root cause of my stress,Was it because I was having some hard feelings against few people, was it because I was taking things too seriously? was it because I was loaded with work?
Sleepy headed I was attending the morning mass today and was partially listening to the sermon. The priest ended the sermon with a small quote.There was a prayer group who had about 50 members. They used to assemble every week in a particular house. Soon the number started increasing and people began to ask the members of the house the reason for this increase. The head of the house replied,” we had 50 chairs, but when we threw the fifty chairs out we could accommodate 50 more”. Though at first it din t make much sense to me, I was pondering about the same for a long time.
It meant throw out all your bad feelings, your grudges, your resentments and you can find more happiness. It is very difficult to forgive and forget but once you do it the peace of mind you get is priceless.
Still what if we are taken for granted again?

Friendships and Relationships count for compromises and adjustments. It becomes tough when all this is just one sided. Forsaking our individuality for someone else is not worth it. As I read in some book” value yourself the most, or else nobody will value you”but most of us just consider ‘what will others think of me if I do this( be it right or wrong).’ This kind of thought plays both a positive and negative role. It stops many people from resorting to wrong doings because a negative reaction from the social group around is not something that everyone can face.It also plays a demotivating role when people lose out on their confidence, they re obsessed with what kind of impression will they make.( this sounds like something I studied in my sociology classes but cant recollect what exactly was it)
Another nice quote I happened to read was ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’ The most important thing I found was humility is always essential and weigh your words while you speak because individual perceptions differ.

To conclude : my confused state has prompted me to write this, incoherent, incomprehensible, out of context and baseless crap. But this is just a way to let out my thoughts, voice out my feelings or else I ll turn into a maniac soon.