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It was like a dream come true. Finally I m at google Hyderabad doing my internship.
Right from the day my exams ended I couldn‘t conceal my excitement of coming over here.
28th evening we were flown into the Nizam’s city and since then everyday has been like a new and wonderful experience.
Today was my first day at work. Morning we all arrived with those serious, (fake)professional looks but I never knew that would make us stand out here. Everyone seemed so relaxed and calm and with a smile pasted on their face,it was obvious that everyone enjoyed their time here.
Presently I am a Noogler, A new googler and the first day was a roller coaster ride.
Breakfast in the Cafeteria itself proved that. It s a food haven. Training sessions, meeting buddies. mentors, making new friends and above all getting a cabin, comp and desk phone for myself. It was too much for me to take in one day. Expecting for more in the coming days, this NOOGLER signs off!!!!!!because even now I m a bit dazed on what all happened in one day. Talk about the trauma on the first day of work!


Hostel food never tasted better!

Exams were getting onto our nerves and the day came when we were completely out of stock. Stock here stands for our food stock i.e,our midnight snacks! Me, E and M were trying to figure out what to do to satiate our grumbling stomachs. We had English exam the next day,
M was trying to grill something about ” The affliction of Margaret” though the context was different. We were afflicted with hunger!
The devil’s minds started working and soon I was busy trying to open the kitchen door. My happiness knew no bounds coz my long fingers which were always subject to jokes now came in handy! My grand mom labelled me as ” thelum kayyi” whatever that means!
The door opened and I let out a squeal of victory. But this was a crime scene, discretion and secrecy was to be maintained. Soon we raided the area which was out of bounds throughout the year. E got the first booty, a whole bunch of bananas. Only when we brought it out we realized that it was raw. Next.. Attack the fridge. butter, yogurt but sadly no watermelon! šŸ˜¦
well, whatever, butter cubes, A whole loaf of bread and a jam and chechi s treasured stock of forks, knives and spoons.( as if they are made of silver)
Anything else? M questioned. Papads, how could we forget that. Just that afternoon I had a fight with chechi for an extra papad. So loaded with all stuff we feasted our way to glory! Soon I heard some one walking. Shit! we’re caught. The footsteps continued. Only then we realized it was the stupid dog!
Clearing up the mess and leaving no trace or evidence was the next task. Silently we managed to hide all evidence and cleared up the crime scene. The next day the rest of the gang were noticing our absence at the breakfast table. Well we were studying late into night. So we woke up late.
Later on tales of our great accomplishment began to spread and few people asked me the question,” hey everyone complains about hostel food? why did you even steal it?”
The perfect answer I could give was,”STOLEN FOOD ALWAYS TASTED MUCH MORE DELICIOUS”

totally freaked!!!!!!!!

The common man’s troubles with the Indian Services, Govt employees etc have always been an issue. I had always seen my parents undergo the same troubles but never thought disaster would dawn upon me one day.
Yesterday, I d been to the railway station to bid farewell to my uncle and family.
I wanted to purchase the platform ticket and had no change. After frantically searching and begging I managed to get Rs.3/-
I had the platform ticket ducked somewhere in my pocket. I was almost at the gate after bidding adieu and the TTE stops me.
” Platform ticket ma” he said
” yes sir! Just a minute” I replied. I was sure I had it with me.
I start digging through my pockets. Just 30 seconds passed and he starts saying,” I know you don t have the tickets, stop acting ma, Pay a fine of Rs.253″
” Sir, I have the ticket, just give me sometime. I have to search for it and I don t have that much cash to pay the fine”I pleaded
” That’s not my problem ma, you re irresponsible, you didn’t take the ticket. If I go to the RPF it will be a court case and you’ ll have to pay a fine. blah! blah ! blah!” he was going on and on.
Soon there was a crowd of onlookers staring at us. It is true that with this man shouting like this I did get freaked out and distracted. Instead of searching the ticket I had the images of police and court and fines forming before me.Moreover, the crowd of people embarrassed me. Its true I do like attention but not for the wrong reasons :P.
” Young girls today cannot be trusted”, said some one. Well as If I had something great to accomplish in the platform.
Finally I managed to get the ticket and with a look of triumph showed it to that moron.
OK ma, go” he said coolly.Patience, tolerance, concern……… these seem to be disappearing from our lives.
After all the frustration and humiliation I was wondering I shouldn’t have landed up in such a situation. End of the day I had one good reason,” at least I got a Topic to Blog”

Indianization of Westernization

Two Famous Indian personalities fell into hot soup with the so called watchdogs of Indian culture and the moral police. One person didn t want to embarrass foreigners while another foreigner embarrassed himself in India.
Mr. Narayan Murthy who was lauded to be a befitting presidential Candidate did what was described as letting down our National integrity.
As per media, Mr. Narayana Murhty said,ā€singing the national anthem would have ā€œembarrassedā€ company employees of foreign originā€
Well, Mr. Murthy if singing national anthem embarrasses your foreign employees ,think about all events of national importance where our national anthem is played in the presence of foreign nationals. Are we embarrassing them?
Also, at the Olympics and at the football World Cup, two global events, the national anthem of the winning team/player and the national anthem of the two competing teams are played .
We have always been proud of upholding our Nation’s integrity, well everyone is. The pride with which people hold their heads high and stand when their national Anthem is sung or played is visible everywhere. What s there to embarrass someone with a 52 second song which makes you aware of your rich heritage? We have been singing the National Anthem since childhood but how many of us even bothered to sing it in public once we left school?
Politicians who are so jobless are alleging insult to anthem, some Ministers have gone to the extent of demanding the removal of the company from the state. Now that counts for another facet of Indian political system. When the politicians have nothing to woo the aam junta’ about
national anthem hi to sahi.
The glamour queen, BIG BROTHER winner, Shilpa Shetty was the other celebrity who was accused of defying Indian culture. All just because she was kissed on her cheek in public by Richard Gere. Now, this was termed an obnoxious, unpardonable act.
I say, sue our own very Indians who re seen around red- light areas, the ones who harass women, the men who can even rape a woman with his lustful looks!
An act of kissing a person without any bad intention does not ask for so much of hype and protests.
People have much better things to bother and work for. The joblessness and uselessness of a special cateogory of our Indian junta is seen here. Thumbs down to those people who have filed cases in court against this so- called ” immoral act” . Case files in India have been pending for decades together, what will happen to this case?
It would be much better if these so-called watch dogs bother about some other serious issues of concern.


Ammumma” is the Malayalam word for grandmother.( for those of you who don’t know).
Our experiences with grandparents are priceless. Though I had a close relationship with my grandparents, this Ammumma was in no way related to me. When my parents were struggling hard to find someplace or someone to look after me during day time when they left for work, Ammumma came into my life. This Blog is for a special family who played an Important role in my childhood. From the age of two Ammumma s home was a second home for me. She was there to compensate for all the grandparent’s affection which I missed since we were far away from our hometown. She always saw through my tantrums, pampered me like no one did and taught me so many valuable things in life. She played a great role in my formation, though I realized it in the later years of my life.

Ammumma s family was my family too. Her daughter-in-law was my mummy auntie, her son was my Acha and her grandson who was three years older to me . Praveen took the place of an elder brother I never had! Her younger son got married and I felt this new lady to be an intruder to our family. Though these stories are from hear-say I did dislike her. Even today they tease me with this particular incident when I hurt myself and complained against this auntie for pushing me down and asking them to throw her out of the house

The faintest memories of me being with Ammumma goes back to the days we went for long walks around the colony, she used to sit and chat with her friends while I used to play around and invite trouble for myself. By afternoon Praveen would come back from school and It would be the troublemakers duo that Ammumma had to face. Feeding me was another major hurdle she had to pass through. Mummy-auntie did a good job of it, even today her stern “tintu” tone automatically sends food through my food pipe.

Ammumma taught me the first letters in the Malayalam alphabet, induced me to learn my mother tongue,taught me what it meant to share, to be responsible etc.
Hats off to Praveen, my partner in crime. I still wonder didn t he ever feel jealous for Ammumma s divided attention between us ? Coz I remember it was always me who used to bully him on letting me to be with Ammumma.
5 years passed by and the news of my parent’s transfer came.I still remember that day.My parents told me not to say anything about it to Ammumma. Ma said she ll tell Ammumma. But it was Impossible for me to hide it from her. The next day as soon as I came back from school I ran to her and said,” Ammumma we’re going to Kerala forever . I wont be with you anymore” and I burst out crying. Evening my mom came to pick me up and seeing my teary eyed and red nosed she realized what happened. Soon there were reassurances and promises of meeting up, not losing touch etc.

Years later when I visited Ammumma,I was still a kid in her eyes. She fed me with her own hands and that is what I would call an experience of a lifetime.She is one of the greatest incarnations of womanhood I have ever come across. She showered me with loads and loads of love and affection which is incomparable.All I wanna do Is Thank GOD for bringing this wonderful person in my life