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Still thinking!

Ali was a 10 year old kid. I happened to meet him on my last day of work at BOSCO. He had just arrived there and I made the move to talk to this poor little chap who sat there with a sullen face. He seemed to be aloof from the rest of the gang and there was something about him which instantly drew my attention.
Aapka naam kya hai“? I asked
” Ali” came the reply. He seemed to be apprehensive about talking to me. But, I was determined to make him talk. Just a few minutes and this boy narrated his story. This is not the story of just one child, but the fate of many kids in India.

didi padai mein bahut man lagta tha par bapu ne padne nahin diya, bole kaam karo, paise kamao, behan ki shaadi ke liye paise chahiyeI was very keen on studying but my dad didn’t let me do so. He asked me to start working and earn money, coz we had to get my sister married.
Ali lived somewhere in the outskirts of Delhi. He was studying in class 4 when his parents forced him to stop studying and start working. Ali was sent to Bangalore along with his maternal uncle. He was working as a welder at that tender age. He burst out into tears and I had nothing to say.
There are few moments in life when you don t know what to say but silence speaks for itself.
I just held his hands for few moments and he continued his story.
“last October my sister was getting married. They ( his maternal uncle and wife) didn’t let me go home. I called up home and my aunt caught me. When my uncle came to know, he beat me up very badly, he burnt my skin with hot iron rods.” The kid showed me his hands and I was shocked at this treacherous inhuman act. Ali was then thrown out of the house and he was wandering the streets when he came to BOSCO.
I asked him, “what have you decided? you want to stay here or go back home? “
The gist of his reply was something like how long could he depend on an organization like this. End of the day he had to stand on his own feet.
Many kids I spoke to had the same question. Even if we go to school will you give us money to fill our stomachs?
The government recently passed the child labour abolition act. But no alternative measures were provided. Even if these kids are provided with education it will be of no use in a way. The politicians and policy makers can blabber a lot of things but being pragmatic about them is what they can’t do. Non-formal education, vocational training etc are just on papers but very few actually gain access to these. On the other hand there are many kids who actually do not want to go to school because they are satisfied with the small incomes they earn. After all, what can be a greater need than satisfying your hungry stomach? These kids grow up to be anti-social elements and the cycle continues.
Thinking about this matter is endless, feeling sorry for them is non-sense, sympathizing with them is useless but being emphatic is what you’ve got to do.


The flicked blog

This tag has been lifted shamelessly from Jose’s.

Three things I am passionate about
2. BOOKS ( neither am I a bookworm nor a geek, rather prefer to say a I am a voracious reader)

Three things that scare me
2. Having to do something or live with someone that/whom I don’t like, for a lifetime ( screw English grammar, I spent half an hour trying to figure out what is the correct construction of that sentence)

Three people who make me laugh
3. TONY ( Who is disheartened that he has a pathetic sense of humor)

Three things I love

Three things I hate
1. Hypocrisy
2. Cleanliness freaks
3. Chechi’s UPMA

Three things I don’t understand
1. Why do I end up saying YES when I wanna say NO
2. Why ,the earth revolves
3. Why can’t I cut-copy-paste stuff in blogger

Three things I am doing right now
1.Writing this blog
2.Trying to add Google analytics to my blog
3. Eating a dairy-milk chocolate

Three things I want to achieve before I die
1. To steal food from the hostel once again
2. A 100% in MATH
3. Secret plans

Three things you should listen to
1. Me
2. Myself or yourself or thyself
3.The News.

Three things you should feel
1. The ride on Maverick In Wonder la ( I myself was an observer)
2.Getting drenched in the rain
3.The taste of stolen food

Three things I’d like to learn
1.The drums
3. French

Three favorite books
1. Kane and Abel
2.An old- fashioned girl
3. Eleven minutes

Three regular beverages I drink
1.Chechi’s coffee
3.The lemon juice in Canteen

Three things nobody knows about me ( which now you re gonna know)
1. I feel being a loner= being a loser
2.I hate combing my hair
3.I get Brainfreezed in front of some special people

Disclaimer: I swear that all the above mentioned facts are true to my knowledge and that the answers are my honest answers. If people find their names mentioned ridiculously anywhere in this blog, please forgive me.


A week in Google and here are some things which have turned things upside down for me.
My cab is always the first one to come. That means i have to wake up at 6.30 and get ready.
Now getting ready is another routine which I had to change. Waking up at 8.25 a.m and arriving late by 10min for a 8.30 class is something I was very much used to. And I hardly bothered about the way I dressed up.
But, Waking up at 6 and getting ready for office( the word sounds too big for me) in a professional way rather presentable way is something I am not used to.
Sleeping in class is OK, nobody cares! but dozing off during a training session and getting caught by the trainer is something that bothered me a lot.
At least once a day I would complain about food in hostel, but here there is nothing that I can complain about.
Having a workstation of my own, using the computer as much as I want without The ” who’ s after you” questions in hostel is again something different for me.
No more switching off the lights at 10.30 p.m, no curfew after 6 p.m, No screaming for ” chechi no water” and I need not worry about using my cell after 8.30.
But the sad part is my cell s on roaming and I m missing my free smses and b’lor friends :P.
I learnt to play Foosball.
Making new friends, getting to see new places, hanging out, fighting with the autowallahs (however you complain about autos in Bangalore,they re much better), its all in all a new experience.
But professionalism is scaring me these days. Quality errors, performance reports, consistency, minimal error, perfect pull……… all these are pushing me into deep uncertainty. I can’t afford to be the fun-loving, freaking out kinda girl anymore. The work demands me to be serious, focused and all those what I never was.
I m not sure what the next few weeks have in store for me.. and I move on!

The forgotten moments

Training today brought back all those forgotten parts of my pregoogle story.
A: What are the ethical issues regarding placing porn ads in google search pages?
Me: *choked for words* well sir… it wil affect the credibility of google, blah blah!!!!!!!!!
A: what would you do to sort it out?
again I said some things which can’t be disclosed.
A: I see you have worked with an NGO, tell me what you did.
Me: Well, I worked with street kids etc etc……..
Well, That continued, about leadership and stuff which I don t wanna show off * :0)*
The same evening I met a friend who wanted to push me into chain networking and stuff..
Well, she claimed people can even earn up to 50,000 per month, students like me are very rich with their own pocket money etc. I actually attended the presentation they held and actually saw the darker side which was literally unknown to me. Chain marketing is luring so many youngsters and they earn so much money that they are even ready to forgo their studies for that. These people seemed to be affected by this craze for money and were ready to do anything for it. You just get few people into your network and you earn money. Many people do it without their parents approval. Earning such easy money can make anyone falter from their priorities. Even I did have second thoughts about it but somehow I stayed away. These people even have a cover for their activities in the name of charity. And I m left with the question….. After all why?

My pre-google story

This is how it all began. One fine Saturday I was right there in the auditorium wondering what was I doing. Google had come for Internship Interviews and I just thought why not go there for experiencing how is it like to face an interview. Making my Resume for the first time, the prelims and eagerly waiting for my results it was an unforgettable experience. Next came the Interview session.
M: Hi I’m M, from K finished my schooling ( from one of the best schools in India), engineering from( the premier institute for engineers) and MBA from ( a top b-school)
me:( thinking) man! he ‘s a genius.
I’m still dreaming………..
M: So I want you to introduce yourself in a similar fashion.
Me: I ‘m J J, did my schooling in kvp, doing my 2nd year I stay in the college hostel.
M: oh cool.. tell me what are the positive and negative aspects of being in the hostel
I resume my usual bragging about hostel.
M: ok! what s your aim in life.
Me:( felt like saying—— sir I m totally lost, just bit my tongue before that)
well, I want to go for ……………
M; tell me how would you accomplish it?
Me: I gave a repeat lecture of what I heard and read.
M: *almost dozing off*….. ok ok, So why do you wanna join this internship programme?
Me: * what’s wrong with you man! Working with Google is a dream shot and its quite obvious why would anyone want to work there.
Sir.,to gain a fruitful experience. ( honestly *grin*)
M: So what google products do you use?
Me: Google search, orkut, gmail
M: Are you satisfied with the new additional features in Gmail?
Me: yes sir, its good.
M: What improvements do you think has to be made?
Me: thinking* Am, I the right person to do that?
I don t remember what did I blurt out for that.
M: Tell me about Orkut
Me: Another non-stop bragging for almost 10 minutes. I desperately needed water!
M: OK, so I can make out you are an active orkutter!
Me:(wanting to say I am an addict) but I say yes sir!
These are few of the excerpts from what I remember of that unforgettable experience 😛
Waiting outside..
J J, You have qualified for the first interview.Please wait for 15 minutes. You’ll have a second interview then.
WHAT!!!!!!!! One more? Ok fine! Maybe I’ll make it.. No I should make it.
With a determined face I walked in. Another set of questions and answers, I was exhausted.
The only thing I remembered was comparing yahoo and Gmail.
A week long wait and the results were out! Yes! I made it. Another 6 months wait and yes I am here finally…
Rest of the story to be contd..