Monthly Archives: June 2007

Beginning of the FINALE

15.6.07- With tearful goodbyes and promises to keep in touch I was back in Bangalore from HYD.
16.6.07- I started feeling homesick and with major drama and overacting , I managed to get a break for a week.
1st week of the last year of college- Roll No 18 was regularly marked absent by which I imply I bunked in simple words.
25.6.07- The first day in college(unofficially)
The first hour was pub-ad. I faintly remember something being mentioned about administration…z.zzz..zzzzzz…zz zzzzzzz breast cancer can be cured completely if you detect it in the initial stage….What? Now how are admn and breast cancer related? I am spaced out!!!!!!!!!
Next, International Relations. The Mal lect caught me hiding at the backbench. “JJ, what happened? Where were you all these days? I thought you went to Kerala and was laid up with Chikungunya( however it is spelt). Now talk about letting your Imaginations run wild!!!!
“No, Ma’m, And I resume my google story.
My cell started vibrating and I couldnt take the thing out or switch it off. Due to user inexperience ( I mean to say I gotta new cell :P) I d put it on repeat every minute mode!!!
Few more hours and I m feeling very restless and terribly hungry. Thinking Chechi would be there with her grumpy face I walk back to home away from home which now looks like a hotel.
Realization struck when I saw the huge crowd in front of the canteen. Oh! the mess has closed down to avoid further mess I guess. Now where do I go loot the store?
Just after lunch I had a class which dealt with alcoholism. I was in a shock seeing the new avatar of my previously very sweet warden ( Did I forget to mention, All my wardens have been my sociology lecturers). She looked straight at my face and said,” Some people are sitting here as if they are watching some movie”. …………….spaced out again. Was I feeling sleepy or did I go high listening to all this alcoholic stuff? I still cant figure out but there are many interesting facts which I learnt about which I’ll be blogging soon. Now don’t even bother how soon.
Ain t that a perfect way to begin your final year in college. I was so disappointed to discover we arent allowed to rag oops interact with the freshers. So with all the uneventful events of the first day, I am looking ahead for an eventful final year in college especially in my abode here.
Though there is no mess food to loot we have discovered more interesting things and are strategizing on it which I m dead sure will not work out as long as we plan lol