Monthly Archives: November 2007


behold.. here I strike back……………….
With great expectations of an eventful year ( as mentioned in a previous entry) , I too started off. But as luck would have it, there I was, stuck in a hospital with the world turning yellow around me. Boring days in the hospital, strict diet, screams of people in agony( especially kids) were far more than depressing. The only welcome respite were a few handsome docs 😛 ( lol)…
Suffering from jaundice can be a real pain.
After all that endurance in hospital, when I was more than happy to get back, the doc drops the bomb. “you should be under complete bed-rest like this for at least a month”
WHAT??????????????? Life just din t seem to be fair.
So I was back home. The visitors arrive with all healthy food ( loads and loads of apples and oranges) plus loads of advice to mom on the kind of food I should be eating. No salt, no oil, no spices, no turmeric, no chillies, barley water, tender coconut, urrggggghhh..the list seemed endless. Believe me, my taste buds have gone on a strike till date.
And what do I do the whole day? Sleep? c’mon how long?
No T.V, it strains your eyes.. No computer s stressful.. No reading you’ll get a headache..
Restrictions, do’s and don’t s ..rather only dont’s ….life seemed to be at its best for me
Talk about being jaundiced, I actually understood what it means. Be it my being jaundiced, that even my clothes turned yellow or be it people treating me with their jaundiced views.
Whatever, I had the longest vacation of my life, did nothing but think ( well nobody can stop me from that) , dreamt, retrospected, lamented, complained, confessed and ended up being a self obsessed brat..