A petrified soul’s take

Gelatin all around, the city in terror, news channels galore with the blast news, political leaders resorting to their usual drama of bickering… it is the same old story in a new form. Every blast, every attack proves the failure of our ‘INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES’ apparently, and once considerable damage is done everyone is on a high alert. We never learn from old lessons while the anti-social elements keep teaching us new lessons.

All these Fridays the government had pressure mounting on it in the form of inflation figures refusing to climb down the ladder. A consequence of the Government’s own doings! This Friday when a .02 % decline eased the headache, another hurdle materialized in the form of the Bangalore Blasts.

This Tuesday had us all glued to the T.V sets, biting our nails on the fate of the UPA government. Not to mention the drama that entailed. Why else would I name the live parliament telecasts as “Galata serials” during my childhood. At that time, it was the frustration over other favorite T.V shows being cancelled on D.D. Today, it is frustration due to helplessness and hopelessness! The dirty game of politics has the whole nation speaking against it, but there is no hope of revamping the system. Mr.Chatterjee reminded me of a kindergarten teacher. Seriously, I admire the 80-year-old man’s tolerance levels. When our leaders, elected representatives to be specific ,behave in an unruly manner like hooligans how can we expect law and order to be maintained ? When the word discipline is, absent in their dictionary, what else can a common person do? Bribes, sabotage, changing loyalties and yet we know, deep within its the tycoon brothers behind all this.

The Nuclear Deal was shown a green signal and it was time to rejoice. Personally, I am apprehensive about the whole issue. Trace back the U.S foreign policies and you know they just could not keep their hands to themselves. Definitely, they are going to find loopholes to satisfy their ulterior motives. From isolationist to over-interference, Big Brother does not seem to convince me here.(but who cares?)

This morning like any other Bangalorean, I woke up lazily, with the chill weather forcing me to cuddle into my blankets for some more time. Nobody had any clue on what was in store for the rest of the day. Lethargy written on the faces and the gloomy atmosphere adding to the misery, excitement brewed in the city as the sun chose to shine by afternoon. I was on my way back from college ( my new college by the way), when I heard a noise from some distance and saw people crowding to the park cum traffic island on Richmond Circle. I was framing my own conclusions as to what must have happened there. Back home, the news channels were FLASHING NEWS to scare the common person. Frantic phone calls, smses and jammed networks added to my parents tension. So must have been the case of thousands of other residents in the city. The newly appointed police commissioner who made news with a lot of plans and parades ahead, now has his hands full. Reassurances like ‘situation is brought under control’ fail to convince the common man when we are left wondering, didn’t anyone have any clue about this? A weekend that was eagerly awaited has unleashed a state of terror again.

Mumbai-Hyderabad-Jaipur- Bangalore, terror attacks and blasts… the common man is waiting anxiously wondering, where is the next target going to be! For few days after each of these incidents we have people voicing their concerns, lashing it out against the authorities and fundamentalists, politicians making a fool of themselves, various terrorist outfits being blamed, the centre trying to justify its stand, conspiracy theories…all this leaves us in total despair. With INTELLIGENCE agencies almost insulting your normal intelligence, should we hope for the better off or worse off?
Few days down the line, the whole issue is going to fade away. Life will move on for all of us and we will shift back to our comfort zones until another Mumbai or hyd or blore happens.
Tonight as I go to sleep, I thank God for it could have been anyone there among the affected. It was just a matter of a few minutes and few metres for me. Yet, 101 questions are filled in my thoughts… Since my earliest memories Kashmir meant a valley of bloodshed, terrorism is synonymous with Muslims and Pakistan which is so not true, blasts meant LeT or similar outfits yet one question does not give me an answer
After all WHY????????????????????????

(pardon me for the uncordinated unedited sequence, I just had to let it all out. Not exactly in a state of mind to think straight coz its all too frustrating)


5 responses to “A petrified soul’s take

  • Alex Mcone

    Aye, it was a tough day on all of us.

    May we all have some peaceful nights in the future.

  • maduraiveeran

    I am glad you are safe is all I can say. A lot of these questions raise in lot of us, they are never answered. One wonders if we are asking the right questions at all and if there is going to be any solution to the mess!

  • Nikhil Narayanan

    Yesterday was bad.
    Thank god we are all safe.

    Scary these things are.


  • Anonymous

    As long as you accept such stuff as “the new normal” nothing is going to change.

    If this had happened in America for example all hell would have been broken loose. People would demand action from their government and as well would take it upon themselves to get better armed and would in their own communities patrol what was going on.

    We wouldn’t allow this to be considered “oh, well this is just what happens time to time”.

  • Anonymous

    Josmy!!!!!!!!!! It’s Sam.I joined! i joined! And for the very first time…I sat down and read one of your posts, this one…to be precise. It only reminds me of your innate ability to express yourself so diligently.

    I hope u’re doin good. It’s 6 a.m. now and I havent slept the whole night. That’s why I wont comment on what u’ve written now. But I will soon.
    I shall soon be one of your blog’s very regular visitors. :):)

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