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Things Google can’t give me an answer for!

Warning : Directionless non-sense ahead.

*Why was Diwali a disaster this year? ( personal opinion)
Diwali had to fall in the midst of my exams or my exam fell on Diwali day, Whatever! the celebration set off with fireworks in the form of microeco. God! ( ever since I laid my hands on that paper, God must be really irritated with me calling him every 5 mins). From the prayer for a decent performance to literally begging that I pass this exam, he has seen it all. The distance between eye-brows narrowing to almost .25 cms, mouth wide open, eyes popping out and expressions (which could put Ash to shame) from S were enough to let me know, what was in store when the invigilator started distributing the fireworks oops question papers. The next three hours were spent thinking deeply and trying to figure out some connection between the stuff asked and stuff I tried to study.
* What do you call heights of stupidity?
The three hour math paper was completed in an hour. The next 2 hours were spent in the canteen discussing the unnecessary panic caused in the previous evening…blame it on the previous question paper of a neighbouring college we got hold of. (People in that Koramangala College always think too much). The happiness lasted for 2 hours exactly when yours truly realized what happened. Which fool on earth would write something like this in the last step after a relatively long derivation
6x= 252
x= 252
Call it overconfidence, carelessness, ignorance, dumbness I’m used to hearing these after every math paper. Except for this grave mistake, the paper was quite ok. But we never realized it would be the calm before the storm.

*What happened when the storm came?
Macro was disaster spelt in economic terms. I’ve nothing to say, exactly as I was speechless, wordless, thoughtless and answer-less seeing the question paper. When thoughts fail you, trust your creative instincts. Having redefined macroeconomic theories, customizing them and making them more student friendly, I believe, someday I will be appreciated for my efforts in those 3 hours of execution.
* Why is public finance called cyclone?
Okie its not because the government initiates a cyclone relief fund.
I know that was an insult on what you call people’s humor sense but thats exactly what my answers read like. Tell me, how would you explain ‘voting with the feet’ when you just read through tiebout model thinking its so damn easy and don’t get an answer for this? If you were aware of what that meant in the first place and in case you’re thinking how dumb I am then I can’t complain. Some are born geniuses. Some are Self- proclaimed made
*Where has the newspaper man disappeared?

All of us in the colony have been asking the same question.He thinks he is doing us some great favor by bringing the newspaper at 10 every morning, hours after I’ve left for college. Its disappointing when you get to read the newspaper in the evening when it has lost its ‘freshness’. There is nothing like a cup of hot coffee and the newspaper in the morning. The same seems so unappealing in the evening.

At least this is what I thought till last week. Now, I feel that was better than having no newspaper at all. He is missing since last Wednesday. If you are about to suggest that I can get hold of him when he comes to collect the money at the end of the month… Ever since we shifted to this place in April, he has come just once, sometime in August. The theories of demand or supply or cost or pricing or whatever I know fail to explain this.
* So can you please stop rambling and leave now?
Yeah right, coz I have one more paper to go which happens to be my weakness. Industrial is going to be the final nail in the coffin.
update : on the eve of industrial, watch corporate for the umpteenth time. Very educative
But I’m more excited about the forthcoming holidays. 2 weeks of pure bliss. My grandmom is going to be at our place. That puts a restraint on testing my culinary skills owing to her blood pressure which shoots up at the very mention of the sentence ,” JJ is entering the kitchen”. Well, few years back I was so obsessed with blowing through a cylindrical pipe and lighting up the aduppu (chulha) at our native place. I almost managed to burn down a whole bunch of coconut husk that hung above the aduppu. People who didn’t understand the above mentioned stunt… forget it.
If things go as planned ( which rarely happens in my case) a much awaited trip will also materialize.
*Why is it that you never feel like studying for the last exam?
I don’t have an answer for that one. Hence, I just rambled here.

An amateur economist’s muse

From time immemorial, we have heard ‘what goes up must come down’. But why did we fail to remember this when we were caught in the trap of excessive consumerism, when money just came by, when everyone had access to loans, when everyone started talking about the real estate boom?

When greed took over reason, when people failed to see beyond the rising property prices and the investment tools, which yielded quick returns, when money, money and more money became the mantra people refused to accept the fact that good times do not last forever.

The blind faith that real estate prices will always rise, now has the whole world in shambles.

Job-cuts, salary cuts, unemployment, fall in income, decrease in consumption and decline in demand resulting in a fall in supply and production levels. How far can the production levels be cut for the dire need of sustaining oneself? Where is the world headed???

Gone are the days when flaunting a placement offer from a big shot MNC was the in-thing. Figures like 18 lakh p.a, 22 lakh p.a etc are soon going to be fancy figures as it once used to be. Luxurious flats, fancy cars, numerous investments I made and speculated on, spending lavishly which now I have come to accept as wasteful spending, almost nil savings, my dreams of leading a happy life has come crashing down. Very soon, we will get to hear people saying these lines repeatedly. Uncertainty has now become a gripping fear. Its a ‘here today nowhere tomorrow’ situation.

Now the whole world is running helter-skelter trying to figure out who to blame? The investors who fell for the trap? People who wished to make quick profits. The investment banks that bought the home loans and sold them in the share market? The banks who were lured into providing more loans to the common man without even bothering for an income proof? ( NINA oru VINA ayallo dhaivame) The loan defaulters who on the first place were forced upon these loans? The Fed Res chairman who held a strong belief in free market mechanism? Unregulated markets? Or that brilliant person whoever came up with the idea of Catastrophic Deceptive Ornaments oops, Collateral Debt Obligations which promised so much money in a short period of time and is now said to have brought the world to the brink of an economic holocaust?

What I fail to understand is that after every such turmoil, we have people coming up and saying we had predicted this, we knew this would happen etc.. But why wasn’t anything said and done when these predictions were actually made? Well, something like people failing to pay the loans back was obvious… But why was this overlooked?

Nevertheless, the inherent truth we need to accept is… It was just pure greed for money and that too easy money! Add to it excessive speculation and utter foolishness. Irrepressible consequences that were once predicted to be the result of a third world war need not necessarily be so anymore . Now my dear people, is the time that we will revert to simple living with hard earned money and stop building castles in the air!

10 mistakes I made!

Dear father, forgive me for I have blogged sinned

1. I started blogging when I was extremely jobless and felt like a total misfit during a certain period of early-life-crisis. Those 2 months saw me writing down all my frustrated creative pursuits in a journal. At the same time the hostel provided us with free Internet and I saw that some of my friends were into this thing called blogging. How could I be left behind then! I started writing random non-sense to my heart’s content

2. I forced my friends at gunpoint to read my blog and give their comments. Even though they gave me a positive response during those days, a few months later when I read those posts I was embarrassed to death.

3. When I made some references to my friends without revealing their real names but revealed their stupid antics which made it kind of obvious who they were, the number of faces who smiled at me decreased, the share of shared potato chips declined and I felt the gals were wary of opening their mouths in front of me.

4. When the craving for more smiley faces, more potato chips and endless sleepless banter rose, I started treating my blog like an English composition book.

5. I felt the previous title of my blog was rather too corny and decided to put this till I find another one which I like. The frequency of corni-ness and liking-ness is at an all time high.

6. Blogging which had once become an addiction now turned into a monthly affair. Consistency lord! consistency… why did you delete that in my dictionary? Not that I’m complaining 😉

7. I am bored due to long-term exposure I guess. Blogs that I liked then are not the ones I like now and I ‘m sure the ones I like now are not going to be the ones I like tomorrow. What is this psychological phenomenon of boredom due to repeated exposure called? If you know please share your gyan. As for some gyan I made up… there is just a three letter word difference between bluffing and blogging. Kickass kissass bloggers bluffers amaze amuse me. ( just a failed attempt at wordplay)

8. My writing is faintly taking the shape of pointed bullets oops bullet points just coz I’m too lazy to write down structured sentences. okie, maybe it keeps my ramble to the point!

9. I was warned against blogging and blog-hopping during exams by a concerned soul… read amma who (monitors to check what I’m upto) reads and re-reads my blog almost every working day.

But I did that again! Thats my 9th mistake

10. And the 10th! I know I bored you with this non-sense.

The Idiot’s Guide to Crack Economics

Warning : Strictly not advisable for future recipients of the Nobel issued by the Swedish Central bank.

Micro– Draw diagrams and fool convince the examiner that you know the fundas! Its an artist’s paradise.

Macro– Just make sure you fit in the following terms :aggregate demand and supply, income, consumption, investment and money wherever possible. Just think of everything as a WHOLE.
Mathematical Eco– Not all problems in life have solutions. Remember when it comes to spending from your pockets you’d always want to spend the least.
Public Finance – Think of your unlimited desires and the Government’s selfish selfless provisions and services.

Industrial Eco– Don’t mess with this one. Long time back I implicitly stated ‘ I am stupid, I am stupid, I am stupid’ for 15 marks in this paper.
Wrote this in an industrial eco class…
Economics is what we have to learn
So that someday we may earn.
But, if matters go on like this,
I guess, ignorance is bliss!
Disclaimer : The above mentioned ideas have not been tested on human species of economics students. All ideas mentioned above are a work of pure imagination combined with exaggeration and desperation.
The so-called author does not claim any responsibility for accidents caused by performing the stunts mentioned. No empirical evidence is available on success ratio of the above mentioned ideas.

*sigh* guess I have been studying too much or is it too little?

Education or sustenance?

The noises of cluttering vessels disturbed my sleep. The other boys must be already awake. I tried to move my hand but it hurt. A faint beam of light from the streetlight across the road entered the room. I held my hand to the light. It was badly bruised and there were patches of blue and black on my skin. The owner of the hotel I work for beat me up last night. I retired to bed, crying, feeling extremely homesick. I wanted to be with my mother at that moment. I stayed awake for a long time the whole night thinking of my plight. I don’t know when I drifted to sleep.

I am Raghu, 11 years old. I hail from a village near Gulbarga. My father was a construction worker. He died in an accident. I am the eldest son. I have two younger sisters and a younger brother. My mother had a paralytic attack. After the attack, the whole responsibility of the family fell on me. My grandmother stays with us. She works as a house cleaner. I ran away from home, in search of a job. I boarded a train and ended up here in the city. There, I met a few more boys of my age who had run away from home like me. The boys took me to their ‘adda’. I saw a few older boys there. There was a strange smell in that place. It was petrol or something similar to that. Later they told me it was a substance used as a thinner for whitener. The boys would dip the cloth and sniff at it. They seemed to get a high doing so. A few days in their company, even I started liking it. The boys took me to a place where we could do some menial jobs like rag picking and earn money. The boys warned me against few people, who belonged to the NGOs. We would sleep in the railway coaches. We slip ourselves in through the gaps in between the coaches. That is, we would enter through the vestibule.

After a few days, a man came to us claiming that he could provide us with better jobs. Few boys were wary of him. However, I readily agreed to go with him. He took me to a hotel. The owner dragged me inside. I saw few more boys of my age there. There was a small dark room, where 10 of us had to stay. The owner said he would pay me Rs.300/- per month if I worked from morning 5 to evening 10. I would also be given food. I was quite happy. At least, now I could earn some money, save it and take it home. I could feed my family. With these hopes, I started work. First few days, things were quite okay… We weren’t allowed to enter the dining area of the hotel. Our job included cutting vegetables, washing utensils, grinding the flour and cleaning up after the hotel was shut. We used to be locked up in the dark room, where no one except the hotel owner could enter. Sometimes, I wonder if anyone from the outside world knows about our existence here. But yes, sometimes I used to see the owner taking away some boys with strange looking men. The boys said they were paid extra money for doing those things with them.

Last night while washing the vessels, I broke a plate. The owner was infuriated and he beat me up. I have seen my mates being tortured and harassed in the same way. A few tried to run away but were caught. Some of the boys told me about this number 1098. If I called them, they would come and rescue us it seems. These people would put us in some NGOs that the boys at the railway station were talking about. We would be provided with food, clothes, and even sent to school. But, none of us has the guts to call that number.

Anyways, I am ready to suffer as long as I will be able to earn some money. If I go to the NGO, I may be assured of three meals a day. But, what about the rest of my family? How can I go to school, when my younger siblings would die of starvation? Isn’t it much better to earn some money? I don’t know how long will I suffer like this. But, when I know I am doing this for my family the suffering is no longer a pain.

I can feel someone pulling away my sheet, which is a tattered piece of cloth.

“Get up or else, he will break your bones again,” my friend was screaming at me. It’s just another day for me.

Today it’s going to be 2 years since the ban on employment of children below 14 years of age as domestic servants or in dhabas (roadside eateries), restaurants, hotels, motels, teashops, resorts, spas or in other recreational centers came into force. This is a work of fiction based on few accounts, I heard from the kids who were rescued by the NGO I worked for. Each time a kid asked me,” You’ll give me education but what about my family that will die of starvation if I don’t earn? Will you give me enough money to sustain my family?”… I was left at a loss for words.

Tag again!

Hari, tagged me with this one… honestly, a hopeless unromantic like me can’t do justice to this one.

1. If your lover betrayed you what would your reaction be?

Why????? and then Tell him to buzz off

2. What’s it that you see in an ideal partner?

Should I limit the choices?

3. What, according to you, is the perfect date?

8/12/8. My math teacher is going to be proud of me 🙂

4. Would you like to have children soon enough? Or would you wait till your mid-thirties for the first child?

I won’t wait till mid 30’s.

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?

Was that a question to break my friendship and scare my best friend?

Till my orientations change, it’s impossible.

6. Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?

Only if… blessedness could be measured with love !!!

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you love?

Till hope turns into uncertainty.

8. If the person you secretly like is attached, what will you do?

If they make an ideal match, I’d detach myself.

9. If you could root for one social cause, what would it be?

Prevention of Child Abuse

10. Do you lie?

To make things obvious, won’t it be a lie if I say, I don’t?

11. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Wish I had known!

12. What’s your fear?

The fear of being a nobody. Fear of not being able to accomplish what I aim for.

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?

A smart, talented kid, who is treading the path to be a celebrity writer!

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?

Married and poor

15. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously who will you pick?

Stupid question.. next

16. Would you give all in a relationship?

Something, I have mentioned in one of my previous posts is ,” Girls give away their hearts,their brains go as a free offer”. Does that imply something?

17. Would you forgive and forget someone no matter how horrible a thing he/she has done?

If the person realizes his/her mistake I would definitely forgive and forget. Otherwise, in this big bad world people take these for granted.

18. Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?

A lesson I learnt from my friends with BF-infested brains! I’d rather prefer being single at this point of time.

19. Your all time favourite song. Only ONE. And why?

Yanni’s Santorini… Why… I don’t know how to explain it in words!

Random jot

* Why do people make deliberate efforts to be over-friendly even when you make it obvious that you’re genuinely not interested!
* I can hear Amma’s words reverberating
nee aavashyamillatha kaaryangalil poyi thala idanda“.(Mind your own business).
Been there, done that and realized there is no point. Amma is always right! Why???????
* Why are the footboards of BMTC buses so high? In my chase- the- bus antics, I don’t know when will I sprain my leg. It’s sad to see old women struggling to climb the bus.
* BMTC bus again- I humbly request the authorities to ban stilettos and wedges and all such hazardous tools that cause injury to others’ feet.
* BUS again- Do women have some magnetic attraction towards the driver’s seat, the gearbox, the steering or anything to do with the front part of the bus. Why can’t they just move inside where there is ample space? And why do they give those dirty looks and disapproving noises when you push yourself inside and find some breathing space! It’s not your fault that they didn’t have the common sense to move.
* I pity young school kids who are trained to be future weightlifters. The other day a small little kid gave me her bag to hold and boy! I’m sure the kid must have weighed lighter.
* Can the conductor please stop cracking PJs like…
C : Ticket ma.
Me: Pass
C : Pass bekka atha pass ithiya
* Today I was walking down the road after the rain had stopped. Two LOSERS OF A LIFETIME
zipped past in their Bike splashing water all over me. While few more people were showered with this nuisance, onlookers were busy laughing at the rain-dancers! BLEDDY LOSERS I SAY! The guys on the bike were laughing there guts out. Dear lord, please teach them a lesson.
* It is useless to talk sense into some heads which are saturated with pride and ignorance. Now I actually understand the meaning of the word PIG HEAD. Sometimes it’s better to keep your ideas for yourself. Mighty egos and ignorance are a lethal combination.
* At a certain point of time (before I started blogging) I used to think blogs are for loners and losers who don’t have a life and are desperate for self-publicity. Sometimes I feel I was right.
* While doing a presentation on cotton industries India, after sleepless nights and days of research I forgot to mention composite mills which is like the most important aspect. Why???
* Someone has given me a kayivisham to forget birthdays this year. Why???
* At the moment I’m supposed to be studying for my end-sems from 20th. But, my inseparable twin called laziness has resolved not to leave me til the 19th. Panic and last minute tension have agreed to replace only by the 19th. Until then let me live in peace.
* I read this in Abhijit Bhaduri’s Mediocre But Arrogant
Assume= Ass + U + Me
How true!