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1. What did I learn?

3 semester exams, 17 subjects… phewwthats a lot to learn :P.
Other lessons in life which were meant to teach me something were soon unlearnt, the paradox that life is.

2. What did I accomplish?

Couple of flukes in JJ’s list of achievements ;). Included a quiz finals when the person on my left won the first place and the person on my right won the 3rd place with the help of my pass questions ;).

Did accomplish a few things and waiting for the results of one of those. I seriously hope I get through. * author adds request for your humble prayers*

Apart from that I broke the window pane of our new abode twice within 2 months of shifting( the CED people in our colony have warned me), burnt the geyser ( owing to short term memory loss), DID NOT lose my phone or keys, shed the 12 kilos I gained in 3 years in hostel within 6 months of leaving the hostel[ women and their weighty issues :P], DID NOT crash our PC even once while tampering and trying to be the self-proclaimed technically challenged geek, DID NOT have an attendance shortage.

3. What would I have done differently?

Apologize when necessary instead of clinging onto my ego, chosen a few words carefully, let others know what I felt instead of just ignoring them straightaway. I was not a people’s person last year and I did pay a heavy price.

4. What did I complete or release?

Completed 21 years of earthly existence, released nothing.

5. What were the most significant events of the year past?

The Jinx and 3 transfers.
Mended certain strained relationships.
I was at a risk of losing a year. Thankfully, I did not. Sad part is I couldn’t appear for any of the entrances of my dream universities and had to go for the available options. Beggars can’t be choosers… that stood true in my case.

6. What did I do right?

All of what I did, that didnt go wrong.

7. What were the fun things I did?

As the first part of the year marked the end of my hostel life, there were lots of fun things I did to end it all with a bang. Listing it here can be risky since I still get visits from that network.
College was fun, bunking, laughing our guts out after a particular macro paper as none of us knew what exactly happened in those 3 hours, stats class nightmares, the 50 things to do before you pass out of this college thread in every single micro class of this sem

8. What were my biggest challenges/roadblocks/difficulties?

The risk of losing a year, the uncertainties of my future, the constant family dislocations.

9. How am I different this year than last?

No difference in me… maybe less lazy, now that I am outta hostel.

10. For what am I particularly grateful?

God, family, friends who stood by me in every decision I made, every risk I took and saw me through the toughest times. Precisely, for everything!



Random jot-2

* Approximately 20 days, 5 subjects, 5 assignments plus presentations and 1st internals. That just explains where on earth I had disappeared. If someone told me that you get more free time during exams I couldn’t agree more. 3 posts during my sem exams and just a single post in 2 months after that, isn’t that proof enough?

* If you want to witness how people change their colors like chameleons all you got to do is travel from B’lore to Kerala on an overnight journey.

*It’s been almost 6 months since the new coaches with 81 berths were introduced by the Indian Railways. The confusion still remains.

* During the journey from Blore to Tvm, I came across the most confused family. The hubby, the wifey, the wifey’s sissy, 2 kids and a maid. The 81 berths were creating enough chaos and the confused family added fuel to the fire. They seemed to occupy every seat ranging between 10 and 20. Hubby was dazed, wifey was giving her opinions and the sissy was trying to be intelligent. The 3 of them had no clue and neither did they bother to listen to co-passengers who offered them some amount of common sense. The wifey and sissy start cribbing in perfect Hindi, oblivious to the fact that a great deal of Mallus today, do understand and talk our -rashtra bhasha. The confused hubby continues his search for the proper berths, leaves the bags on the aisles, drawing the wrath of every sane person who happened to be there and vents his frustration. The wifey now comes up with a remark loud and audible enough,” Mal’yali’ Buddhi” Since when my dear, did Lalu become a mallu? Every ounce of my true blue mallu blood boiled in spite of the chilly weather. The 40 kilo something, 5 feet nothing needs to be taught a lesson before degrading her own origins like this. Hen pecked hubbys like this get married to the mallu preferably born and brought up outside Kerala and procreate an entire generation who are alienated from their roots. Common sense prevailed over ignorance. She was just another idiot in the gang. The unreasonable sense of superiority the so-called fraud mallus have over their country cousins. Just because you talk English with an accent and Hindi without a Mallu accent doesn’t make us less knowledgeable and ‘budhi’less as you think sicko!

* Christmas in Kerala as always! It was awesome… lesser mortals like us still wait in the queues for hours, exactly 90 days before the onset of xmas holidays to book our tickets undeterred by distorted opinions and misleading info on how Kerala is no-longer a safe place.

* It feels so good to be back home with the three of us together after almost 6 months. The transfer jinx doesn’t seem to have worn off. Calicut it is! 6th one in 2 years * sigh*. The house felt abandoned. Procuring brooms and mops, cleaning up every inch of our compound, dusting every piece of furniture before we settled, washing every utensil, the Jinxed Josephs were in full action on xmas eve. Home is where the heart is… I guess now I understand what it means.

* Another school reunion, meeting up old friends…made me realize what an anti-social animal I had been for the past one year. One of my New Year resolutions is to make up for it.

* A certain customer of BSNL broadband connection had the JTO and other customer support executives on tenterhooks before she fixed the problem herself (by changing some settings). The losers almost made me call up the computer service people and change my LAN card after 4 days of struggle to fix the problem. This achievement made me feel like a genius considering the technically challenged person I am.

* My blog celebrated its 2nd birthday 2 days back. The first b’day was missed coz at that time I didn’t know that people actually celebrated blogs’ birthdays. One thing I hate when kids grow up is the transition from a carefree life to conformity. I feel the same about this blog :(. A big thank you to each one of you who read all that I rambled on, kind enough to drop a comment, offered valuable advice on the art of blogging and encouraged me to write.