Monthly Archives: January 2013

A friend liked his friend’s post that popped up in my timeline. The face seemed familiar. Turns out, we began our music lessons on the same day years ago. Gradually, the friend of the friend disappeared. 

Today, on a jobless Sunday afternoon, the ‘like’ turns up on my feed. 

The friend of the friend is releasing his first song soon. And here I am, gazing at fate and trying to figure out, WHY?

Good luck friend of a friend. 

I’m trying to make amends to my own shit hole in mountain pound now. All I can dream of these days is getting back to a classroom and keeping the demons away. Soon. Pretty Soon



2012- Why I’d love to bid goodbye to you and 2013- you better be nice to me!

I’d love to forget everything about you. 365 days of uselessness… not a single day that gave me a sense of fulfillment. Everything about you was a farce, most of your days come to haunt me and the rest make me cringe at my idiocy. Quarter life crisis is hitting me hard. The only good thing about you was the last day of the year.. My best friend got married.

The beginning of another year didn’t bring about any dramatic changes in a span of 24 hours. I was back at the worst place I’ve ever lived in. The same annoying faces and voices.  I just can’t wait to get out and this year I am pretty sure, March 1st is going to be pretty much what I feared it would be like.

This year, I’d love to see myself out of this place. I just wish I had the guts and drive like C, to just ‘chuck’ it and go away. The words ‘QUIT AMMAYI’ keep reverberating every few seconds these days.

But the 25th day of every month is a reality check. A trap!