Monthly Archives: April 2013

Catching up with an old friend, the music teacher blasting me for leaving it all, the unnatural excitement about taking up my next assignment, the tears I try to hide every time I look at Aunty’s face ( she was my second mother in this godforsaken place called k’kulam) and snapping at someone when I shouldn’t be really bothered… All this feels so wrong at the moment.



Dear SS,

I just can’t express how happy I feel for you. I’ve lived with you hardly for 6 months but I must say, nobody has had this influence on me.  Today, was the most important day of your life. I hardly pray for anyone,  but right from day one.. I always made it a point to remind him about giving you the most perfect one.

You made me realize how lucky I have been. That I take a lot of things for granted. You made me believe in humanity all over again. 

If I ever had an elder sis, I wish she was someone like you..

As I realize, you won’t be there anymore to wake me up when I’m late or pull my leg about the morons I get to meet or lend a patient ear to my ever boring bank stories, a tinge of sadness engulfs me. But, I’m glad you’re entering a new phase of your life. 

I’ve never felt genuinely happy for anyone in my adult life, as much as I do for you today. Thank you chech, for being there 🙂