Certified Rambler, Malayali, Only child, Wasted Economist…
Like the multitude of bloggers in blogosphere I’m confused, I have confessions to make, I need a vent and hence the blog 😀

My world bordered  borders in the stretch between TVM and B’lore.  I love the former and love loved to hate the latter. Exactly, why in a spur of the ‘hate’ moments, I started this blog. Ever since, the blog and I have grown up together.

I can’t claim I am an observer. I just ramble on anything insignificantly significant that happens around me or involves me.

My favorite subjects of interest revolve around college ( the good and the bad), a hostel life (that is history now), mallu bashers and the ‘jada peoples of B’luru’ ( That has become history too).

Update 1 : college is over…so is a significant phase of my life. I now earn my daily bread rice/khichri grading some hi-fundo people-future CEOs and reading through pdfs when I’m not grading. Back to the phase of living alone and fending for myself.  Except for these circumstantial changes, I’m still the confused old soul.

Update 2: The grading-reading pdfs stint at the ‘B’ B-school aka IIM B is over now. I’m back in Mallu land and it is time to step into the Miss Mallu goody two shoes while donning the act of a boring banker.

I don’t really like talking about socio-political-economic-cultural issues in this blog. If I do, it is only when I had to bear the consequences of these issues.

Warning: I suffer from ‘multiple url’ syndrome. So, this is my third url for the same blog 😛 .

I guess this is enough ‘I, me , myself’ for now.


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