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For that cold person

He’d been eyeing me for so long..
I realized his intentions in the very beginning
He was trying to hit on many of my friends
Most of them fell for him
I saw the pain he had inflicted upon them
I was aware of his presence whenever I was with them.
I was cautious about him always..
I knew he would bring only pain and suffering..
Days passed by and he concentrated his attention on me
I tried and tried but the inevitable happened.
I fell prey for his cruel motives.
I was victimized, helpless and clueless
Many a times I wanted to say, ” this is not happening”
My throat hurt when I spoke
The words choked and were left unsaid
My eyes were filled with tears.
I used up a month’s supply of tissues in a day
I chose to bear with it silently
I knew he would leave me too
He was not a one man/woman person
I knew we couldn’t go on like this forever
Days passed by
The intensity vanished
The passion faded away
Yet I’m sure he will come back to me someday
I was returning back to my old days and ways
Yet it saddened me when people asked,
” you’re cured of the cold , aren’t you”?