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Why my parents’ BP shot up a few weeks back

My neighbour and the eldest of the ‘gang’ during our childhood days is doing her final year house surgeoncy now. Her parents are busy hunting for the first ‘jeeju’ in our gang. The search has been on for almost a year and we’ve laughed our guts out listening to the various characters they’ve come across during the ‘eligible guy’ hunt.

This happened a few months back.

After the initial introductions over phone:

The guy’s father( TGF): So how much will you give?

Chech’s father(CF): How much do you expect?

TGF: No, you say how much are you planning to give your daughter

CF: Well, not less than …… sovereigns

TGF: Ok. What about the car?

CF: Ya, that too

TGF: We don’t want a Maruti 800, it should match our status.

CF: Ya, we’ll look into that

TGF: What about the house?

CF: Well…I haven’t really decided on that. I may give it to her or my son.

TGF: Then where will you people shift after the wedding takes place?

CF :!$%^#%@#$!$^@#$#%@#!

And I thought conversations like this were exaggerated versions shown on TV or printed in books till this day. I am shocked by the guy’s father’s audacity. Thank God chechi’s father yelled at him before rejecting the proposal.

Apparently, the guy’s father is a retired hi-fundo officer from Central Excise whose ‘allied activities and earnings’ fetched him enough to last 3 generations…and the guy is a ‘self-financed’ doctor.

In spite of the hype over our social progress in all these years, some things never change ….