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…. are making me paranoid!


A dog’s Life with a fancy name!

It is half past eleven and the phone blinks. A bad day at work, ugly morons who make you feel wretched for being born a woman, lamenting over being trapped in this dog’s life…I had enough reason for another bout of insomnia when I received the final blow!

“What about the marketing efforts of today?”, asks one of the big guns through the sorry excuse of a short message.

The ones on top of the elephant that was made to dance have collectively lost it in the past few months. While we are not knocking doors begging for alms ( which was never in the job description), we are expected to be in the radar of the controllers.  Nothing short of mental harassment.

I still like to believe it was some issue with the phone and I wasn’t really expected to report at this ungodly hour. I almost typed out my resignation as a reply, but a darling stopped me from doing so.

For almost two years, I’ve been trying to make myself believe that I’m too lucky to be here and not just trash what I got so easily. But at the end of the day all I ask is , ” Is this really worth it?”… This kind of conflict with the self is a dangerous thing. It can make you as incoherent as this… Hope , I don’t end up losing my sanity too.